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Add Socials - About Us

Add Socials is a Free, Safe and User Friendly

Social Media Tool that provides an Introduction Service to gain more Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views and Website Hits

using our Marketing Tools.

We create social media connections and website visitor traffic for personal and business use.

Our users choose who to 'Follow', 'Like' and 'Visit' based on ones own interests, niche or business criteria.

Our members are not forced to like, follow or view to gain credits.

AddSocials social media website does NOT sell fan views, followers or likes ie; - 'Twitter followers', 'Facebook likes', 'YouTube views', 'Google Plus' or related services, our service is Free.

We are NOT a buy Twitter followers, Facebook likes or YouTube views website (our sponsors from time to time may advertise such services).

We always abide by and keep up to date with Twitter Rules, Facebook Policies and YouTube Terms of Service.

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