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2016 was a great year for Addsocials and in 2017 we hope to be able to continue to bring our users a decent and reliable way of sharing social media.

Twitter- some of our users have been asking if we will be bringing Twitter functionality back.
In the short term - NO!....but we never say 'never'.
1. Twitter does not perform how it used to, whether it's the spam that is on their now or just that users have become bored with it.
2. Twitter continues to make it difficult for totally legal and ethical social sharing websites like Addsocials to stay compliant with their policies.
If you search the web, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Twitter accounts are suspended every month and most users don't even know why. We think it may be some sort of 'auto trigger software' or spam software that they use. Unfortunately seemingly innocent Twitter accounts get caught up and banned too.

2017 - We will be implementing a few changes sometime in 2017 so stay tuned.

Advertising - Addsocials is a free to use social media sharing website that has been in operation since early 2011.
We are able to continue our free service because of our advertisers, so we would like to thank them all for their support, we couldn't have done it without them.

Addsocials Team
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