1) What is AddSocials?
We are a social media and website viral marketing service for businesses and individuals.
2) How does the Add Socials website work?
Members view other users social pages - Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos and websites etc and gain coins for doing so.
3) Is Add Socials Free?
Yes, Add Socials is Free to join and Free to use.
4) Can i have more than one user account?
No, except under special circumstances. Contact us before making extra accounts or you risk having your account being disabled.
5) What are coins and how are they used?
Coins have no monetary value and are used as an incentive to 'visit' or socialize with other users. Coins / credits are constantly being swapped between our users. The more coins credit you have the more visitors to your social pages - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, websites etc you will receive.
6) I don't feel like socializing today can i purchase extra coins instead?
Yes you can. We have upgraded membership packages and extra coin purchases to suit all budgets.
7) Help - My coins are being used up too quickly
Set coins lower under 'Coins per click and 'Daily clicks limit''. Alternatively if you want faster visitors set credits higher under 'Coins per click''. Pages with the most credits on offer are at the top and viewed first by other users. Another way of slowing down visitors is to set Country specific and or gender specific clicks.
8) Can i add affiliate links or redirect a website?
Yes and No. You can add affiliate links as long as the URL does Not redirect or break frames. You risk being banned and all coins forfeited (this is to protect our users coins) if a website URL contains Pop Ups of any kind or redirects for example shortened URL services. Also note...If your website takes longer than 7 seconds to load we may need to disable it.
9) Can i add a YouTube video or social page under 'Websites'?
No. Add Social pages and Websites under corresponding heading in 'Add Page' / 'Type' or you risk being banned. An exception to this rule is if a social media site is not offered for exchange at our website then you may add the page to websites.
10) Sometimes when i click to follow people on Twitter i don't receive Coin Credits. Why not?
Two Reasons - 1. You are already following the user. Quite simply you cannot 'follow' on twitter twice. 2. You have reached a follower limit ie; your Twitter account needs more followers before you are allowed to follow another user. Visit Twitter.com for more information.
11) What is VIP Membership?
VIP has many advantages over 'Free' membership. For example you can offer more coins per view, like etc with VIP. Another advantage is VIP members have their pages placed above and before free members. VIP members will always get more likes and followers etc but there's no reason why free members cannot get as many followers it's just that it takes longer to achieve and time is money right. Good Luck.
12) I have another question not listed here can you help?
Yes, we are always at hand to help our users and visitors. Please submit your query at the Contact Us page for additional questions. Our Support team will reply to you within 24 hours. Thank you
13) What is the anonymous pop up?
We use a tool for all user actions performed at our website to remain anonymous, unique and non-bot generated. This is an important reason to only trust addsocials. We have been in operation since 2011 with no evidence of any members accounts ever being disabled using our service.