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Being one of the first ever of it's kind AddSocials.com was developed in late 2010 with the website launching live in early 2011.

Add Socials is a Free, Safe and User Friendly Social Media Page and Website Marketing Tool.

We Create Social Media Connections and Website Visitor Traffic. Our Users Choose Who to 'Follow', 'Like' and 'Visit' Based on ones own Interests, Niche or Business Criteria.

We abide by and keep up to date with Twitter Rules, Facebook Policies and YouTube Terms of Service.

We would like to make it clear that AddSocials does NOT Sell Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes or YouTube Views or Related Services, our Service is Free. We do however use Advertising Platforms that may or may not Advertise such Services.

We are NOT a buy Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes or YouTube Views Website.

AddSocials Users Remain Focused on your Page or Website which makes Add Socials one of the 'Best Free Traffic and Social Marketing Sources' Online Today.

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We create social media connections We abide by Twitter's rules and Facebook's rules
We never auto-tweet to your account
We never ask for your password

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