Terms of Service

AddSocials was created to offer a service to businesses and individuals to safely grow their reach on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and much more. What we ask in return is for you to use the service fairly and honestly too.

We at addsocials have built a system that creates an incentive through non monetized credits for people if they wish to follow, visit and view each others social pages and websites.

We DO NOT force our users to 'like', 'follow' or 'view'.

We will not condone any abuse of this system and will suspend accounts found to be in breach of our terms of service.

We track certain events, such as aggressive follower churning, and will suspend accounts if we suspect foul-play.

Websites must not redirect, break pages ie; shortened URL's like tinyurl NOT Allowed. Websites that contain adult content including text, images and sound NOT Allowed.

We reserve the right to adjust credits, 'allocated' and 'offered' to maximize distribution of credits throughout the system.

'You offer' credits must not total more than 30% of your total account credits.

Free users ie; users that have not purchased credits or a subscription must not set more than 100 'you offer' credits.

Credits must not be idle for more than 1 month ie; we may reset your account so other users can gain your credits if you pause accounts in settings for more than 1 calendar month.

We reserve the right to remove or disallow competitor websites and / or websites that offer paid Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views and 'paid to click' (ptc) website visitors.

We offer no guarantees as to how many people you can follow, like or view and vice-versa through our service. We also cannot guarantee how long they will follow you for if at all.

We ask that when you follow another user you honestly view and decide if you like their pages or something that you may find interesting and not just for earning credits. That is the spirit in which AddSocials was built.

Any accounts that are suspended by Twitter, Facebook or YouTube will not be allowed to use AddSocials. We adhere to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube terms of service and we expect our members / users to as well. We must point out however that we are in no way affiliated with Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. We connect to their API and abide by their terms of service (see home page for more information). We carefully observe their security best practices and use OAuth to authenticate with them.

AddSocials does not charge for using our service, although you may purchase extra credits if you wish. We use a crediting mechanism to create an incentive for people and businesses alike to visit each others pages. Currently this mechanism deducts a credit during each follow, view etc. This is to stop the system from inflating with ever increasing credits and create a healthy flow of credits between users and we reserve the right to make changes to our crediting mechanism as required to maintain a fully functional and healthy website for all to enjoy. We do not guarantee page views, likes, followers or traffic using paid credits and you agree to use / purchase at your own risk. We do NOT sell and you can NOT buy likes or followers at our site.

Addsocials credits will be paid for using a secure payment processor, currently PayPal. Credits are used for a 'Virtual Service' and payments for these types of services including digital items offer no refund when paid via Paypal (see Paypal website for more information).

The use of 'bots' or any other kind of software to artificially inflate credits, views, likes, followers, visitors or for any other reason is strictly forbidden.

By signing up and becoming a user of AddSocials you are opting to receive basic system emails notifying you of your account status. You may opt-out of receiving any of these emails at any given time by going to your settings and turning off email notifications. We do not share or sell any of your information including your email address so please do the same for us and do not send us spam. You may also de-list yourself from the site any time you wish. If you want to permanently remove your account from AddSocials simply contact us via 'Support' at any time and ask for removal.

Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy to understand better AddSocials Policies. In an internet plagued by spamming, fraud and system abuse we have taken great care to define our view on ethical social community building. Addsocials strictly abides by and is in accordance with Twitter`s, Facebook`s and YouTube`s own terms of service and or rules.

We reserve the right to disable and forfeit earned or purchased credits if a user does not abide by our our Terms of Service at any given time without notification.

We reserve the right to change and modify our Terms of Service at any given time.

We hope you enjoy our service.

Thank you for visiting and spending your valuable time with Add Socials.

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